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Industry 4.0 solutions

Since 1986 we’ve been constantly expanding our knowledge and competences in the world of electronics. Now we are ready to become one of the leaders of 4th Industrial Revolution. Our Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Machines departments are constantly researching newest and most innovative technologies that we want to implement in our solutions. Then using our broad experience in software, hardware and mechanical design area we are able to develop Intelligent Machines for our Smart Factory and our customers.

Internet of Machines

Interoperability and Information transparency are two principles of Industry 4.0. Machines must be able to communicate with one another to exchange important information about current status of itself or manufacturing process. All the information about manufacturing environment must be gathered using various sensors and provided to all connected devices.

Machines we manufacture are equipped with IoT modules and are sensorized. All the information related to device itself (status, operations statistics, failures etc.) and the manufacturing environment (temperature, humidity etc.) is collected and transmitted to global cloud. Now we use highly advanced analytics systems to draw conclusions and update our products: make them more failure- proof, optimize design and operation methods or do preventive maintenance. Similar information can also be provided to our customers along with suggestions how to optimize design of their products.

Artificial Intelligence

Our AI department is constantly researching and developing algorithms that we implement in our solutions. We are using this knowledge to revolutionize manufacturing processes by constantly decreasing manufacturing cost, failure rate, operator and engineer involvement and what leads to complete reduction of human factor. Instead of taking decisions by employees who may not have full overview of situation, centralized AI system can take the best decision based on information from the whole ecosystem. AI systems from all over the world are continuously learning and exchanging knowledge with one another what leads to an expertise that is much more accurate than operator’s one.

Intelligent Machines

We want to use synergy of experience our Industrial Automation department and knowledge in IoM and AI areas to build machines and systems that are fully corresponding to Industry 4.0 principles. Machines are completely managed by Artificial Intelligence. Only in highly exceptional situations and for maintenance operators or engineers are involved. Programming, reconfiguration, planning and all the other processes are self maintaining. Communication between machines through cloud gives them possibility to exchange AI knowledge and send data to analytical systems.

Smart Factory

Our factory is the first place where we test and implement our solutions. Getting instant comprehensive feedback on our solutions is crucial for project optimization and future versions of our Intelligent Machines. However the main principle of this project was to create a Smart Factory - place where all processes are self optimizing and where AI is taking decisions to let us manufacture in the most optimal way. Operators are supervising all the processes executed by Intelligent Machines based on data aggregated and analyzed in cloud. Failures are prevented where it is possible and the other are reduced to minimum. Based on previous issues, data from the machines and environment - quality issues are decreased and eliminated. The future is now and our factory is already there.